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We take pride in connecting our clients with the highest-quality medical staff, providers of professional, affordable treatment and bespoke medical care.

We source medical facilities, dental treatment, plastic surgery, hair transplant services and more, for medical travellers at industry-leading private hospitals and clinics in Turkey. Every treatment abroad is arranged by Medical Travel Co., giving our clients confidence and peace of mind that their treatment will be carried out to the highest standards of care and quality.

Dental Treatments

We’ll put you in touch with a leading dental clinic for your specialised treatment

Hair Transplantations

Every hair transplantation comes with our guarantee of professionalism and quality

Cosmetic Surgery

Whatever your body profile goals, revitalising cosmetic treatments will transform your look

Breast Surgery

We’ll put you in touch with world-leading breast surgeons for specialist treatment

Facial Cosmetic Procedures

Discover the transformative power of rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, and otoplasty

Medical Treatment in Turkey:

Changing Lives for Foreign Patients

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Most Popular Treatments for Medical Tourists

Hollywood Smile

A complete dental and smile makeover perfects your natural radiance with gap-free, aligned and beautifully white teeth. Hollywood smile is a routine procedure, popular with actors, musicians and celebrities.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a specially engineered ‘cap’ to cover a weakened or damaged tooth, restoring its natural size, shape and strength. Dental crowns are the best protection for troublesome teeth and are in most cases permanent.

Hair Transplant

A custom-designed hair transplantation can eliminate signs of aging such as baldness, creating a full, rich, dense and natural-looking head of hair that restores your youthful look and confidence.


Liposuction is a modern medical technique to remove unwelcome fat from beneath the skin. It is beneficial for your health and enhances your image by transforming the lines and profile of your body.


Nose reshaping and cosmetic enhancement uses modern and advanced medical techniques to create an improved facial harmony. It can also improve airflow when breathing.

Breast Augmentation

Augmentation, or enlargement, of your breasts uses a cosmetic implant to increase size and improve shape. You’ll enjoy a refined profile, with added volume and curves, creating larger, more balanced, confidence-boosting breasts with a natural look and feel.

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