Travelling to Turkey for Surgery & Cosmetic Treatment

As the leading facilitator of medical services and cosmetic surgery abroad, we’re the quality option for medical tourists, connecting clients with an internationally- renowned hospital specialist in advanced cosmetic procedures. Every chosen medical facility is selected for its high standard of medical treatments, as stipulated by the Turkish authorities, and each medical procedure is carried out by professional and experienced aesthetic plastic surgeons.

We’re the proud organiser and provider of life-changing medical tourism visits to beautiful Turkey, where unforgettable travel abroad meets quality and affordable medical care.

Our Approach to Medical Tourism

Medical Travel Co. provides you with luxury and elegance as you travel; quality and professionalism in your treatment; and no stress, guaranteed.

Unbeatable Prices

Bespoke Travel & Treatment

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Hear from Happy Clients who Received Cosmetic Surgery

Amazing service and amazing experience!

Thanks to sadia saduzai for helping me through the process and making me feel so comfortable. Love my new smile!!

Lili Lucas

How Does the Process Work?

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Undertaking Medical Treatment Abroad

At Medical Travel Co., we pride ourselves on top-quality end-to-end service, with all transport links included. That means you’ll enjoy truly stress-free travel, from your front door to ours. Your dedicated concierge will be your point of contact and the person who takes care of everything. Where necessary, they’ll arrange top-level translation services so that all steps are conducted smoothly and in English.

At Every Step, Your Concierge is There to:

Arrange End-to-End Transport & Travel

Deliver Professional English Translation Services

Answer any Questions & Provide Local Knowledge

Request a Quote

Get in touch with our warm and professional team from the comfort of your home. We’ll discuss your situation, your goals, and your travel preferences, to ensure we build you the best possible medical travel package.

Our No-Obligation Callback

Shortly, we’ll be in touch with a quote for your medical care and Turkey travel. Of course, this comes with no obligation and represents the maximum possible value for money. At this time, your Medical Travel Co. concierge will get in touch. This representative will be dedicated to you all the way through your treatment.

Personal Preferences & Consultation

Your concierge will connect you with experienced medical specialists, to consult with you on the details of your healthcare options. Every contact will be conducted and facilitated in English, with the support of professional translators where necessary. Your concierge will also be on hand to assist you in designing the perfect tour of Turkey.

Receive Tickets & Itinerary

Medical Travel Co. is an end-to-end service, so leave it to us to take care of all the arrangements – you don’t need to do anything. Soon, your tickets and itinerary will be prepared and delivered to you.

Travel to Turkey

Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the premium-class travel arranged by your concierge. As an end-to-end service, every transport link is taken care of. We’ll arrange everything, from your front door to ours.

Meet Your Dedicated Concierge & Settle In

Upon arrival in Turkey, you’ll be met by your friendly and experienced concierge. Your dedicated concierge will be on hand to support you at all times, in Turkey and at home. They’ll welcome you and transport you to one of our excellent facilities, where you’ll have the chance to rest and settle in.

Your Treatment & Care

Your concierge will provide you with transport to an advanced and leading Turkish medical facility, where you’ll meet the specialist who will carry out your treatment. You’ll be afforded ample time to recover in a peaceful and nurturing environment.

Experience the Magic of Turkey

With newfound confidence, a beautiful new look and a revitalised spring in your step, it’s time to discover Turkey! You’ll marvel at the uniqueness of this historical country, and make some unforgettable memories.

Return Home, Revitalised & Refreshed

Your concierge will have all your homebound arrangements taken care of ahead of time, so again, your job is to simply sit back and enjoy the ride. Your friends and loved ones will be stunned at the youthful new you that walks through the door!

Ongoing Aftercare & Check-Ups

As part of our quality care promise, Medical Travel Co. will contact you shortly via your concierge to organise check-ups and aftercare meetings, at your convenience.

Discover the Magic of Turkey

About Turkey

Istanbul bridges 2 continents: Europe & Asia

St. Nicholas, the legend behind Santa Claus, was Turkish

Our gorgeous Black Sea coast spans 1,175km - the distance from London-Venice

75% of the world’s hazelnuts are grown in Turkey

There are over 30 distinct languages spoken in Turkey

Thinking about Travelling to Turkey for Surgery?

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We’re professional experts on travel in Turkey, as well as overseas health and medical care, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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A medical consultant will get back to you about our aesthetic medicine and wellness sevices for international patients.

Travelling to Turkey: FAQs

If you have a question about cosmetic aesthetic procedures in Turkey, browse our FAQs, where we’ve collected specialist knowledge and insight from across our team.

How do Turkish medical facilities compare with those from Britain or the US?
British nationals can rest assured that any procedure abroad, when facilitated by Medical Travel Co., will be carried out to the best standards of international healthcare. Owing in part to advanced technologies and a wealth of skilled professionals, medical treatment in Turkey is equal to, or often better than, that which is available when you contact a UK doctor.
Why is medical tourism so affordable?
This is one of the questions we get asked most often. We can assure you that the significant savings do not represent any cut in quality, as the facilities and personnel available in Turkey are among the best anywhere in the world. The relatively low cost comes from a variety of factors including an abundance of skilled practitioners, lower living costs and a reduced cost of labour, resulting in unbeatable value for money which we are pleased to provide. It’s regularly the case that the total cost of travel, treatment, hotel, excursions, rentals and amenities can be delivered by us for significantly less than the cost of treatment alone in countries such as the UK or US.
How do I know if my travel insurance covers my treatment?
We’re familiar with all the major travel medical insurance plans, and upon request are happy to provide appropriate travel medical insurance advice concerning health tourism and overseas medical procedures.
Where can I go to find out more about medical care in Turkey?
We encourage clients to conduct their own research, or contact the National Travel Health Network, to ensure that the health professional undertaking their treatment will be of the best medical footing and reputation. We’re proud to hold ourselves to those high standards.
Can I speak to people in English?

Yes. Medical Travel Co.’s team is full of professionals experienced in the use of the English language, and we go the extra mile to ensure that the cosmetic aestheticians we connect you with are able to cater to English-speaking clients. On top of this, many of our staff are proficient in the use of various other languages such as French or Spanish.