Medical Tourism: Things to Prepare for Your Travel & Treatment
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Any medical procedure or treatment can cause you to feel anxious or nervous, and travelling abroad can compound these nerves; especially if you’re travelling somewhere new or feel anxious about travelling as a whole. At Medical Travel Co., we understand how medical tourism patients often feel, and that’s why we do everything we can to prepare and reassure patients before they meet with our concierge team and arrive at the first-class facilities in time for their procedures. 

We know that sometimes, the best way to quell nerves is to feel prepared, and that’s why our expert team has put together this comprehensive guide on how you can prepare for your medical travel and treatment ahead of time. 

Do your research on the medical procedure and provider

The first step to preparing for receiving medical treatment abroad is to do your research. There are lots of medical tourism providers online who promise to offer cheap treatments in a hassle-free manner, but not every provider is the same. It’s essential that you do your research before you set off for your trip so that you can be sure you’re in safe hands. The medical tourism industry is tightly regulated in some countries but not in others, so make sure you check for relevant accreditations and licensing before looking to seek medical treatment abroad.

At Medical Travel Co., we take no risks when it comes to patient safety. We work with the most reputable and experienced medical care facilities in Turkey, ensuring a medically sound and equally luxurious experience for every patient. Your health is your wealth and isn’t something that you should gamble with, hence why our concierges put you in touch with only the most qualified healthcare services in the country. 

There’s no hard selling or top-down pressure – taking your time to pick the right provider is essential for ensuring you feel safe and understood. If you come across a provider who is pushing you to make a decision instantly, or who can’t provide you with the relevant information and qualifications of the medical professional who is going to be carrying out your treatment or cosmetic surgery, this is a red flag. A well-researched healthcare facility that you know you can trust will go a long way to easing those travel stresses.

Get all the relevant medical information and medical records

Every patient and procedure is different, but it’s a good idea to get a generalised overview of what you can expect from your treatment. This means gathering information on how long you can expect to stay, what the recovery process could look like, and what to do if something goes wrong. This will often include liaising with your insurer and finding the best coverage for you, as well as finding out more about potential complications and how to deal with them if they arise when you get home. Insurance companies will typically have options in place for medical tourists, and healthcare providers abroad can liaise with those in your home country, ensuring a continuity of high-quality medical care, no matter the outcome.

All medical procedures come with their own risks, and your personal medical history may also be an influencing factor as to how you can expect recovery to go, but before you get on the plane to travel, ask questions around the general procedure and how to recover, especially when you get home. Doing so will give you an insight as to what lies ahead and what to expect post-treatment, as well as what the actual procedure will involve and how you might feel afterwards. 

At Medical Travel Co., we are treatment facilitators and put you in touch with the best clinicians in Turkey, but back in the UK, too. We ensure you recover as well as possible in Turkey, before flying back to the UK and attending a clinic here for further aftercare and check-ups, so you always know what to expect and rest assured that your care doesn’t end in Turkey.

Get your paperwork in order

Like with any trip, it’s a good idea to get all your paperwork and documentation in order in good time before you’re due to leave. This means getting all your travel documents ready, including:

  • Passport (with more than six months on it)
  • Boarding pass
  • Airport transfer information 
  • Airport parking information (if applicable)
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Insurance documents 
  • Medical documents 

Keeping these documents and any other relevant documents in a folder will help with being organised and leave you to focus on the rest of the packing for your medical trip.

What to pack

Speaking of packing, what should you look to include? Well, that depends on the treatment you’re undergoing and how long you’re going to be away for. As a general rule of thumb, look to pack some loose, airy clothes that aren’t too tight and are comfy to travel in.

It’s also a good idea to pack some general medicines, just like you would for any trip. These include things like medications for an upset stomach (food/water differences can occur when you’re travelling abroad), motion sickness medication, and general pain medication like paracetamol and aspirin. You will need to check with your healthcare provider on which medications you might be put on post-treatment and what can be taken with them, but bringing back up of general medication is never a bad idea.

Another thing you might want to pack are a few small home comforts. As mentioned, any medical treatment can make you feel nervous, especially when you’re away from home, so it’s a good idea to pack some smaller comforts with you. These may include your own slippers, a blanket, or even your own pillow if that helps you sleep better. Anything that reminds you of home or makes you feel more comfortable is worth bringing with you to help keep you calm and make you feel more relaxed.

Currency is another key thing to remember to pack when going for medical treatments abroad, along with home comfort foods. Healthy snacks are a good idea to bring as well.

Bring a travel companion

Finally, you’ll want to consider bringing a travel companion. It’s a good idea to have someone with you who can keep you company both on your travels and during your recovery. It’s likely that, depending on the procedure you’re having done, you’ll need to stay at the medical facility for a few days post-treatment. Having a close friend or family member by your side during this time can ensure you don’t feel lonely or isolated during the recovery process. They can also help with luggage and travelling home.

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At Medica Travel Co., it’s our goal as a luxury medical tourism facilitator to ensure every patient travelling to Turkey for medical tourism purposes has the most seamless experience. We liaise with patients and high-end, fully accredited medical facilities to plan and prepare a hassle-free, first-class medical tourism trip. We take the pressure off of patients, ensuring you can focus on the treatment and recovery. Get in touch with us to find out more.

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