First-Class Medical Tourism & All-Inclusive Cosmetic Surgery Packages

From professional medical advice in leading healthcare facilities, to luxurious hotel accommodation in a wide array of popular destinations, a cosmetic surgery package with Medical Travel Co. has something for everyone.

We connect medical tourists with leading cosmetic surgeons and medical staff for bespoke surgery abroad, and make all the arrangements for a truly magical travel experience in Turkey – creating beautiful results and unforgettable memories to last a lifetime, and all at a price that can’t be beaten for value.

Connecting You with a Quality Dental or Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Turkey

With all inclusive cosmetic surgery and medical tourism, you’ll have access to globally-recognised practitioners of medical care and cosmetic procedures – including specialists in breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck and nose job procedures.

Along with your initial consultation and treatment package, a Medical Travel Co. all inclusive package includes high quality facilities, such as a luxury hotel. You’ll also enjoy bespoke travel in a foreign country, with experiences tailor-made for you – and friends or a family member, if you wish – all at low cost and affordable prices.

Dental Treatments


Hollywood Smile

The red carpet wow-factor of the Hollywood smile gives your face a youthful radiance and helps accentuate your natural beauty. This complete teeth and smile makeover is popular with celebrities, models and influencers.

Dental Crowns

This procedure uses state-of-the-art e-max, zirconium, porcelain or veneer technology to cover or ‘cap’ troublesome, damaged or pain-prone teeth with long-lasting results.

Dental Bridges

Fill unwelcome gaps in your smile with a dental bridge, which bonds with your existing natural teeth to create balance and harmony in your smile, and also strengthen your bite.

Dental Implant

We facilitate single unit, All on 4 or All on 6 dental implants, which use metal as a strong foundation on which to situate replacement teeth and provide support for the bones around your jaw.

Digital Smile Design

You’ll be amazed at the power of this revolutionary aesthetic dentistry tool. Working with a leading specialist, you’ll be able to control and view the outcomes of any surgery before it happens, giving you predictability and confidence in your treatment.


Orthodontics is a procedure whereby misaligned or incorrectly-positioned teeth can be straightened and adjusted into a more effective, natural, and aesthetic location.

Jaw Surgery

Realign the position of your jaw to aesthetically improve the lines around your face. This procedure will help create a more balanced, proportioned facial structure.

Hair Transplants


Hair Transplantation

Say goodbye to baldness, thinning hair or receding lines with a uniquely designed hair transplantation. This transformative treatment will help you regain your confidence, rediscover your pride and re-ignite your youth.

Beard Transplant

If you’re dealing with patchy, thin or inconsistent facial hair, this is the treatment for you. A beard transplant uses high-growth follicles from other areas to stimulate full and dense growth of the beard, and allows you to finesse the shape of your facial hair.

Eyebrow Transplant

An eyebrow transplant ‘borrows’ hair follicles from other areas of your body and repositions them around the eyebrows; this enhances brow definition, and improves the shape and fullness of your eyebrows.

Cosmetic Surgery



This procedure addresses hooded or ‘droopy’ eyelids, or those carrying excess fat, to beautify the outline of your eyes and allow their natural brightness to shine bright.


As one of the most prominent and distinguishable facial features, the size, shape and profile of your nose is a central element to the harmony of your face; enhancing its shape can dramatically improve your face’s aesthetic appearance.


This common surgery uses leading medical techniques to adjust the size, shape and position of your ears. It can bring the ears into better visual alignment with the face, and may also improve hearing.


Improve your body confidence and achieve the visual profile you’ve always wanted, by using this popular healthcare solution to suck unwelcome fat away from desired regions of your body.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck removes loose or extra fat from the area around the belly, creating a flatter, smoother and more well-defined abdominal zone.


A Brazilian Butt Lift augments the shape, size and fullness of your buttocks for a more visually-appealing effect, with firm and natural-looking results.

Arm Lift

The loose, drooping or sagging skin in the area under your arms is eliminated through this procedure, leaving you with more beautiful and sculpted arms.

Thigh Lift

The area around the tops of your legs and lower abdomen is smoothened and tightened in a thigh lift, giving you the profile and proportions you’ve dreamed about.

Breast Augmentation

A cosmetic implant is used to increase the size, shape, fullness and feel of your breasts, with beautiful results which are natural-looking and confidence-boosting.

Breast Reduction

Large, heavy or sagging breasts can be inconvenient and upsetting; breast reduction surgery moderates the size of your breasts and elevates their position with natural-looking results.

Breast Lift

Also known as a mastopexy, this procedure lifts the position of your breasts and tightens the area around them to create a smooth and firm body you’ll be delighted with.


There are a number of reasons why a man might experience overdeveloped or enlarged breasts; a gynecomastia reduces excess skin and fat in the area to achieve a better-sculpted chest region.

Why Choose All-Inclusive Plastic Surgery with Medical Travel Co.?

We offer:

Unbeatable Prices & Affordability

High-Quality, Advanced Care & Facilities

Bespoke, Personal


What to Expect from Your Medical Tour Package

At every stage of your journey with us, you’ll receive only the finest quality of care and our trademark first-class service with a smile. We’re experts at providing surgery in Turkey for patients from various countries around the world, including the UK.


A friendly, professional member of our team will get to know you and discuss your goals to create your free treatment plan. We’ll design your all inclusive cosmetic surgery package and trip to Turkey, including the surgery itself, the hospital, airport, and the exciting cultural experiences you select.

Treatment & Tourism

We’ll take care of all the arrangements so your trip unfolds smoothly and with no stress. You’ll visit a revitalising, professional clinic which is well-versed in modern medical techniques; after which, you’ll relax, unwind, and explore the colour and magic of Turkey.

Ongoing Aftercare

With a collection of joyful memories to complement your renewed sense of confidence and youthful new look, you’ll return home, and our team will be in touch to arrange periodic check ups and aftercare to ensure your continued peace of mind.

Hear From Our Happy Clients

Simply and frankly excellent clinic regarding facilities hygiene staff approach. I felt really as if I am in my mother country , they helped me in every issue even they have got me fresh bread on the day of departure. Thank you so much. For me it wasn’t a medical visit but more a touristic period.

Sanaa Zaher

I wish I could give them 7 stars or more. I really do. They exceeded my expectations. There’s no other word than “excellence” to describe them. Considering the results, fantastic clinic witch undercuts any other clinic in the Uk, Poland, Ukraine or in another country by at least 60%. Bravo.


Amazing service and amazing experience!

Thanks to sadia saduzai for helping me through the process and making me feel so comfortable. Love my new smile!!

Lili Lucas

Experience the Magic of Turkey

Why Visit Turkey?

Value for Money

Spectacular Nature

History & Culture

Traditional Cuisine

Welcoming & Warm

Unforgettable Tourism Experiences

Pristine beaches, glorious mountains, jaw-dropping historical sites, vibrant cities, a rich and colourful tradition of culture, world-famous cuisine, globally recognised shopping, local hospitality – all for a remarkably affordable price. Whatever experience you’re looking for, Turkey is waiting to welcome you.

Istanbul Old City

Princes’ Islands


Bosphorus Cruise on Yacht


Bespoke tours are also available upon request

Explore Your Medical Tourism Options

With a world of cultural discovery waiting to welcome you, and globally-recognised aesthetic procedures performed by certified and professional cosmetic artists on offer, allow us to make all the arrangements of your bespoke medical tourism package. Get in touch now for a free, no-obligation quote.

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