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Dental Treatments

Cosmetic dental enhancement treatment, including the widely-popular Hollywood smile and smile makeover, improves facial harmony and adds a little extra sparkle to your smile, allowing your natural glow to shine.

Why is dental surgery abroad so cheap?
There are a number of reasons why we’re able to offer such competitive and affordable prices for our bespoke cosmetic dental surgery; the primary reason is that the costs of labour in Turkey, relative to UK dentists, are so low, allowing us to pass on significant savings to our clients.
Is dental treatment abroad safe?
Yes, every dental procedure and oral health treatment with Medical Travel Co. is absolutely safe. In fact, the quality of care and skill of our dentists is as good, or even better, than what is available in other nations known for quality dentistry. We take every effort to ensure our clients’ comfort and safety, giving you ultimate peace of mind that you’re receiving treatment under the care of one of the best dental practitioners in the business.
I’m an elderly person, or have specific travel requirements. Can I get cosmetic dental surgery in Turkey?
We pride ourselves on providing best-in-class dentistry to all people, and inclusivity is one of our core values. Yes, we can definitely work with you to make sure your trip is as smooth and convenient as possible. We have experience servicing young people, couples, families, elderly persons and many other clients with unique individual situations, and of course we’ll provide our premier levels of care and communication to ensure we cater to your specific requirements.
How long will I have to wait for dental surgery in Turkey?
Unlike in the UK or other countries, where waiting lists can be frustratingly long, in Turkey you’ll have access to the treatment you require quickly, and with no fuss. The speed and smooth nature of dental treatment in Turkey is one of the core benefits we’re happy to provide for our clients.
How long will my cosmetic dental treatment last?
The exact length of your dental treatment course will depend on the specific procedures you require. Of course, as part of our stress-free promise, you won’t at any point be left waiting or uncertain. You can rest assured that your treatment will be taken care of to the highest standard in good time, leaving you free to enjoy your experience in Turkey and, when you’re ready, return home revitalised.

Hair Transplant FAQs

Say goodbye to the signs of aging in your hair such as regions of baldness, receding lines, or thinning areas; the professional and advanced hair transplantation procedures we arrange will give you a full head of natural-looking, voluminous hair, creating a renewed sense of confidence and self-assurance.

How much are the hair transplant costs?
When thinking about hair transplant cost, it’s important to remember that exact figures will vary depending on the specific nature of your individual treatments and goals. With that said, we can guarantee that the cost of a hair transplant operation in Turkey will be significantly cheaper than in the UK. This is due to a number of factors, such as operational costs and the cost of living being dramatically lower.
Which is better: a hair transplant in Turkey vs the US or UK?

A hair transplant procedure facilitated by Medical Travel Co. is completely certified and safe, and every hair transplant surgeon we source is a leading practitioner of their craft. Therefore, with the quality of care in Turkey being equal – or in many cases, superior – to what is available in other countries, and with the impressive cost savings factored in, plus the unique travel opportunity, we’d have to say that a hair transplant in Turkey is the best option!

Does a direct hair transplantation cause pain?
Some clients report minor to mild discomfort during the procedure. The vast majority do not experience any pain; this is due to the quality of the surgeon, and the employment of state-of-the-art methods, which are designed around pain-prevention. In fact, many clients find the procedure a good moment to relax – and some even fall asleep!
Will hair growth happen after a successful hair transplant? Does transplanted hair grow?
Like all regions of hair on your body, you will not notice a dramatic ‘growth spurt’ overnight. Typically, the transplanted region will begin to fill out to its maximum potential density at around 4 months after surgery. This is the time during which the hair follicles are bedding into the scalp. Once this has occurred, your new hair will begin to grow at a natural pace, and it will be a matter of weeks until you are enjoying a full, voluminous head of hair.
Will I continue to experience thinning hair after hair transplant surgery?
Hair loss is a natural part of the human body’s aging process. While you’ll enjoy the permanent effects of enhanced hair density in the transplanted area, there is a chance that hair in other areas of your body will start or continue to thin. The hair-enhancement practitioners we put you in touch with will be able to walk you through specific treatments for other areas of your body.
What is the recovery period for hair grafts?
It’s generally advisable to take it easy for a few days after your hair transplant procedure – and, with our luxurious facilities at your feet, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to relax in style! Though the procedure itself will be taken care of in just one day, to be on the safe side we’d suggest you take one week off work. That should be plenty of time for your body to completely recover.

Cosmetic Surgery FAQs

Whether you’re considering breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, a tummy tuck, liposuction, reconstructive surgery or any of the other leading cosmetic aesthetic treatments we provide, you can have confidence in the fact that procedures are carried out to the highest medical standards of quality and care, helping you to realise the body image you’ve dreamed of.

Is it safe to receive plastic surgery in Turkey?
Yes, absolutely. We’ll put you in touch with some of the very best aesthetic surgeons, not only in Turkey but the world. Turkey is well known for its leading standards of quality and professionalism when it comes to cosmetic treatments. Naturally, you’ll have the added guarantee of Medical Travel Co.’s signature luxury service – with ongoing aftercare and regular check ups as standard – to really give you peace of mind.
Why is cosmetic treatment so cheap compared to the UK?
This is the question we get asked most often! Clients often can’t believe the incredible savings and value for money medical tourism in Turkey represents, and we’re extremely proud to be able to offer you that incredible affordability. Plastic surgery seems so modestly priced in Turkey for a variety of reasons including a lower cost of living and reduced operational costs, meaning that you’ll enjoy equal or better-quality treatments for a fraction of the price in other countries.
What’s the difference between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery?
Cosmetic surgery is carried out with the exclusive intention of improving the client’s visual profile; it is a procedure to aesthetically enhance the appearance of the body. Reconstructive surgery, on the other hand, is performed to restore form or appearance in an area of the body. A similar skill set is utilised in either case, and we can put you in touch with a recognised specialist, whatever the nature of your situation may be.
How long will it take me to recover?
The exact length of your recovery period will be determined by the specifics of your treatment plan, as well as other factors, such as the time the procedure is performed, or whether general anaesthetic is used. Many clients are up and about very quickly after their treatment; in other cases, it may be advisable to rest for a few days. Our nurturing, holistically-healing environments are the perfect place for you to coalesce, and we’d always recommend taking it easy after an operation. And in a place like this, why wouldn’t you!
How long will my results last?
That will depend on which treatment you receive. The vast majority of cosmetic procedures have long-lasting or permanent results that do not fade away. Your Medical Travel Co. point of contact can give you more information about this.

Travel in Turkey FAQs

With incredible savings, internationally-recognised standards of medicine, and a stunning and exciting culture to explore, it’s easy to see why Turkey is a popular choice for medical tourists. Find out more about cosmetic aesthetic treatment packages in Turkey here.

What is medical tourism?
Medical tourism is that style of domestic or international travel that includes both a holiday, and health and medical services. Our clients can enjoy tailor-made cosmetic treatment as well as an incredible travel experience in one of the world’s most exciting destinations, for an impressively affordable price.
Why is surgery cheaper in Turkey?
There are a number of reasons why surgery in Turkey is so much cheaper compared to other countries like the UK or US. It’s important to know that there are no cut corners or compromises made on the quality of care; instead, the relatively modest pricing owes to a range of factors including reduced operational cost, lower cost of living and labour, and a wealth of talented medical aesthetic doctors.
Why Turkey, instead of another country providing affordable health tourism?
Put simply, the standard of medicine in Turkey is recognised as one of the best in the world. The medical care you’ll receive here is comparable to other nations known for leading medical treatments, and we’re confident that in many cases, it will surpass the level of quality available elsewhere. You’ll also enjoy the best value for money, owing to the savings we’re able to pass on, and have the opportunity to explore one of the most vibrant and unique locations in the world.
Will there be any issues with a language barrier?
Almost certainly not. Turkey is recognised internationally for its high standard of English education, and you’ll always be serviced by an English-speaking Medical Travel Co. staff member who is proficient in its use; moreover, many of our staff are talented in a range of other languages such as French, Spanish and Portuguese, meaning that you’ll be virtually guaranteed to enjoy leading levels of service from people fluent in your mother tongue.
What happens after I arrive in Turkey?
At Medical Travel Co. it’s our goal, and a point of our professional pride, to take care of all the necessary arrangements, leaving our clients with no stress and maximum peace of mind. Your travel and treatment itinerary will be planned in its entirety by our experienced team; once you arrive at one of our luxury locations in Turkey and welcomed to the first-class facilities, we’ll provide transport to one of our partner clinics, where you’ll undergo your bespoke treatment. Next comes a recommended period of rest and recuperation, where you can focus on yourself in a peaceful, nurturing environment and, with your transformative treatment taken care of, it’s time to enjoy Turkey! Of course, our professional staff will be there to make all the arrangements and facilitate your travel and conveniences – your job is to relax, enjoy yourself, and make memories to last a lifetime.
When will I travel home?
The period of rest and recovery that we recommend will depend on the specific nature of your treatment and situation. With that said, we’ll never hurry you or rush you out of the door; on the contrary, we encourage clients to take all the time they need, and stay with us at least a few days longer to really make the most of their trip. Trust us, there’s a lot to see and do!

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Reviews from Our Clients

Simply and frankly excellent clinic regarding facilities hygiene staff approach. I felt really as if I am in my mother country , they helped me in every issue even they have got me fresh bread on the day of departure. Thank you so much. For me it wasn’t a medical visit but more a touristic period.

Sanaa Zaher

I wish I could give them 7 stars or more. I really do. They exceeded my expectations. There’s no other word than “excellence” to describe them. Considering the results, fantastic clinic witch undercuts any other clinic in the Uk, Poland, Ukraine or in another country by at least 60%. Bravo.


Amazing service and amazing experience!

Thanks to sadia saduzai for helping me through the process and making me feel so comfortable. Love my new smile!!

Lili Lucas

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