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At Medical Travel Co., we facilitate advanced and affordable medical tourism in Turkey, and custom travel packages of culture and discovery. The first thing to know about us is that we provide our clients with life-changing, revitalising experiences – using world-leading technology at affordable prices, with excellence woven into every stage. We operate with holistic, humanist values, so people are always our top priority, and our premium service is renowned for being of the highest quality.

The magical memories you make with us will last a lifetime.

Why Choose All-Inclusive Plastic Surgery with Medical Travel Co.?

Bespoke Treatment Plans

Personalised Service

Magical Travel Experiences

Best-in-Class Aftercare

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Guided by Our Company Values

Medical Travel Co. takes medical excellence combined with personalised service as its mission statement, and everything we do is guided by our people-first values.

Our company’s goal is to provide quality to our clients for a reasonable price. We’ll take the time to get to know you before we design a bespoke treatment plan with leading technological procedures in mind, along with a unique holiday in Turkey, at the best possible value. By holding ourselves to such high standards of quality, we ensure that our clients trust, respect and have faith in the way we operate.

Part of our people-first company culture means respecting and taking care of our staff. Social responsibility is important to us. We value the people we work with, and in doing so, make sure that warmth shines from within Medical Travel Co., with every one of our partners proud to be a part of our best-in-class company.

Our medical tourism is guided by our human-centric, moralistic ethos. We don’t cut corners or take advantage; instead, we pride ourselves on connecting you with only the best health practitioners using the best equipment available, and we take every step to make your time in Turkey a memorable one.

Our Services

As part of our medical health tourism, we offer a variety of technologically-advanced and confidence-boosting cosmetic treatments. Every plan of treatment is well-organised and designed to match your individual goals, and each procedure will be carried out by a leading and medically-accredited doctor.

Dental Treatments

We facilitate a variety of cosmetic dental treatments, from smile makeovers and Hollywood smile to teeth whitening and dental caps, giving your natural smile a little extra dazzle.

Hair Transplantations

Realise the power of modern hair transplantation technology to give yourself a full, natural-looking head of hair and unlock a younger you.

Cosmetic Surgery

Bespoke and advanced cosmetic surgeries, including abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty and liposuction, enhance your body profile and totally transform your look.

First-Class Travel &
Peace of Mind

Medical Travel Co. provides a complete door-to-door experience from your home country to Turkey, with every arrangement taken care of and no hidden surprises. That means all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the first-class getaway you deserve!

A medical tourism package designed by us prioritises affordability. Many of our clients find that after combining airfare, hotel costs, excursions, car rentals, and food & beverage, their costs are much less than what they’d have spent at home – for the cosmetic treatment alone.

At every stage of your journey you’ll be met with luxury and personalised service. You’ll enjoy a premium hotel and have access to the finest facilities available, creating a revitalising and nurturing atmosphere for you to enjoy at your leisure. And if that wasn’t enough, our knowledgeable team will organise a truly unique holiday experience, complete with first-rate trips and activities, to ensure your time in Turkey is a memorable one.

When you travel with us, you travel in luxury and elegance: with peace of mind and no stress, guaranteed.

Door-to-Door Style & Luxury

We understand the value of the personal touch. When you travel with us, you’ll be met at every stage by a warm team who are dedicated to providing first-class levels of comfort, luxury and service.

Vibrant Destinations

Travelling to Turkey with Medical Travel Co. opens the door to an elegant world of first-rate hotels and top-tier facilities, all nestled in the spectacular surroundings of our beautiful and exciting locations.

Unforgettable Memories

With so much culture, cuisine, music, history, colour, art and nature to discover, our unique holiday experiences in Turkey – along with the local knowledge we’ll provide – mean you’ll go home with memories that last a lifetime.

Medical Travel Co.: Transforming Lives

Simply and frankly excellent clinic regarding facilities hygiene staff approach. I felt really as if I am in my mother country , they helped me in every issue even they have got me fresh bread on the day of departure. Thank you so much. For me it wasn’t a medical visit but more a touristic period.

Sanaa Zaher

I wish I could give them 7 stars or more. I really do. They exceeded my expectations. There’s no other word than “excellence” to describe them. Considering the results, fantastic clinic witch undercuts any other clinic in the Uk, Poland, Ukraine or in another country by at least 60%. Bravo.


Amazing service and amazing experience!

Thanks to sadia saduzai for helping me through the process and making me feel so comfortable. Love my new smile!!

Lili Lucas

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