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Bringing together life-changing medical treatments and unforgettable travel experiences at an affordable price, here at Medical Travel Co. we provide first-class medical tourism opportunities. Our bespoke services transport you from door to door with no stress, guaranteed. Allow us to take care of everything, leaving you with the peace of mind to relax and discover the revitalising power of health tourism in Turkey.

Prepare to make magical memories and rediscover your confidence.

Our Services

Dental Treatments

Whether you’re considering a Hollywood smile treatment, teeth whitening or smile design, we’ll match you with dental practitioners who are caring, skilled and experienced in leading clinics. They’ll take the time to understand you and your goals, and prepare a plan to help you find a little extra sparkle in your smile.

Hair Transplantations

Find out more about renowned and affordable hair transplant services. Using professional expertise and world-leading technologies, best-in-class specialists provide our clients with fuller, denser hair, for natural-looking results that are sure to boost your confidence.

Cosmetic Surgery

Connect with highly-qualified cosmetic surgeons who are global leaders within their field and proficient in administering the latest medical technologies. They use the depth of their knowledge and skill to help our clients achieve breathtaking transformations every time.

A Bespoke Travel and Transformation Experience

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Read Our Outstanding Reviews

Simply and frankly excellent clinic regarding facilities hygiene staff approach. I felt really as if I am in my mother country , they helped me in every issue even they have got me fresh bread on the day of departure. Thank you so much. For me it wasn’t a medical visit but more a touristic period.

Sanaa Zaher

I wish I could give them 7 stars or more. I really do. They exceeded my expectations. There’s no other word than “excellence” to describe them. Considering the results, fantastic clinic witch undercuts any other clinic in the Uk, Poland, Ukraine or in another country by at least 60%. Bravo.


Amazing service and amazing experience!

Thanks to sadia saduzai for helping me through the process and making me feel so comfortable. Love my new smile!!

Lili Lucas

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Medical Tourism:

Turkey Travel Meets Premium Healthcare

When you contact Medical Travel Co., you can rest assured that you’re in touch with the first-class provider of the very best medical tourism in Turkey. Guided by our caring, humanist ethos, we provide true transformations that help our clients to rediscover their confidence.

Medical Travel Co.’s signature, bespoke treatment plans are custom-designed for each and every individual client. Procedures are performed by health and medical artists experienced in the use of advanced technologies, and facilitated by our friendly team of travel and experience experts, helping to make your personal image dreams become a dazzling reality.

Our clients always leave with a smile on their face, having been impressed by our unbeatable affordability and premium aftercare, and delighted by the luxurious hospitals and healthcare facilities we provide.

Quality Health Services

The international-level quality of the doctors and medical staff we introduce to our clients really does speak for itself. We pride ourselves on the high standards of every medical procedure, meaning that you’ll meet with only the very best and most trusted medical practitioners from across Turkey.

White-Glove Service

At every stage of your journey you’ll enjoy the premier level of service we’ve become known for. There will be elegance and luxury woven into your travel experience, including a premium hotel and high quality facilities, furnishing you with a nurturing atmosphere and the peace of mind to relax in true style.

Tourism Like No Other

Experience all the magic Turkey has to offer in one of our many deluxe travel packages. With excitement, adventure, music, culture, cuisine and more at your feet, and with all the arrangements made by us for you, there really is something unforgettable for everyone to enjoy.

How Our Medical Services Work:

What to Expect

Starting your journey of medical tourism in Turkey is as smooth as it is powerful, and as affordable as it is life-changing.

At every stage you can expect premium, personalised service, first-class care, exclusive access to the finest facilities and our signature luxury touch.

Get a Quote & No- Obligation Callback

Contact us about the types of medical procedures you’re interested in, and we’ll be in touch with a reasonably-priced quote.

Consultation & Experience Selection

We work with you to design your custom medical treatment plan, as well as providing travel advice & local knowledge on how best to enjoy your time in Turkey.

Travel to Turkey & Get Comfortable

With all the arrangements made, it’s time to sit back & relax as you travel to Turkey and meet our friendly team.

Treatment & Your Tour of Turkey

Leading doctors will carry out your bespoke medical care treatment, after which you’ll have time to rest, relax and discover Turkey’s culture and magic.

Return Home & Ongoing Aftercare

You’ll travel home refreshed & reinvigorated. We’ll arrange regular check-ups as part of our ongoing aftercare service.

Considering Medical Tourism in Turkey

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To find out more about our medical treatments, private healthcare institutions and how our team can help design your beautiful new look, get in touch today.

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A medical consultant will get back to you about our aesthetic medicine and wellness sevices for international patients.

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To learn more about medical tourism in Turkey, the travel experiences we offer or details on the various high-quality treatment plans available, explore the Medical Travel Co. blog now.

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